SWF Studio

SWF Studio 3.8

SWF Studio is a technology that extends the functionality of the Flash player
3.8.0 (See all)

SWF Studio is intended to leverage the power of Adobe Flash to create awesome rich desktop applications such as CD presentations or screensavers. Although the Adobe Flash format was primarily intended to be used on the web, this platform evolved very quickly to offer support for new technologies like database connections, recordsets and xml schemas. As a new alternative to build desktop-based applications, this format lacks some features and tooling to build such type of applications and deal with some common issues like trial limitations, direct TCP/UDP connections, Kiosk mode, splash screens and many more.

But with this program such tasks are very simple to accomplish. Its user interface is a little confusing since it's a single dialog window with several tabs stuffed of controls and options, you will need a little of training until you locate all of them to get the most of this program.

The major drawback of this software is the high price of its license. It's self-evident that the target users of this software are independent Flash professionals and companies with a certain budget.

Review summary


  • It's compatible with every version of Flash, ActionScript and Flex


  • It's quite expensive
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